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Artificial Building Materials In Construction

The materials that are undergoing human processing is known as artificial building materials. Some of the examples are cement, brick, tiles, glass, metals and plastics.


Cement widely used in construction for its strength and durability. It can bind together a loose particle such as gravel and broken stones.

One of the main features of cement is its quick setting property, which makes it the most used building material. They are used in literally all the civil structures.


Another most commonly used material brick is, made of clean fired material like clay. Insulation against sound and heat is the most important, qualities of brick. Moreover, we can take several shape and sizes in Bricks through moulding.


Tiles are produced, using hardware materials ceramics. Based on the application tiles are Classified into two types, Common tiles and Encaustic tiles.

Tiles that used for paving, flooring and roofing are Common tiles and

 tiles, used for decorative purposes known as Encaustic tiles.

Some of the examples of tiles are roof, pot and floor tiles.


Glass is manufactured, by heating soda-lime and sand. Glasses that used, as construction materials for Glazing door and windows in the form of tempered glass.

Tempered glass is produced, by heating a glass plastic followed by the sudden cooling process.

Moreover, glass is further used, for soundproof partitions.


One of the important, backbones of all the construction project is metals and its sub-product

Metals used as construction material into two forms ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Ferrous metals Consist of iron and steel. While, the non-ferrous metals consist of aluminium, copper and zinc.

The most generic example is steel rods which are commonly used, in reinforced cement concrete.

Aluminium is used, along with a glass in facet type of construction which we see in all the Morden skyscraper.

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