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Skill Development Courses For Civil Mechanical Electrical In Nagpur

Education qualification has become less critical nowadays considering the need for skilled workforce. Skills are the most demanding quality that a recruiter looks for while hiring any candidate. This is the reason that a plethora of Skill Enhancement Courses has come into being giving opportunities to people to enhance their knowledge […]

Major Advantages Of A Classroom CAD Training In Nagpur

Major Advantages Of A Classroom Training The Classroom Training way has its strong foundations embedded in the learning process.Classroom training advantage 1: Engagement and Focus In classroom sessions, you are in a controlled environment and your tutor takes up the biggest responsibility of making you involved and engaged. They follow […]

Carrier Planning

Project by Student – Mr.Onkar Mutkule Project guide – Ms.Ashwini Khobragade. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” A career can be defined as a person’s progress within an occupation or series of occupations. It also includes your progress through life, your growth and development in […]


CADD Quest 2021We Pave The Way. You Land On Your Dream Job.Up to 50% Scholarship on Sought After Courses.CADD Quest is a scholarship initiative taken by the CADD Centre about two decades ago, with the ultimate aim to provide technical skills and make students industry-ready. Over the last 23 years, […]

What define your future

There was a time when all one needed was a degree to find a respectable job. But today, degree is not the only parameter. Instead, skills and talent are the priorities that recruiters look for in any job aspirant. This is the reason, gaining new skills and knowledge is becoming […]

Want to become a good AutoCAD drafter?

AutoCAD is a computer aided tool that is used to design everything, from different apparatus to construction buildings and missiles. To make a career in AutoCAD designing, one must have: Great designing skills backed up with rounded education. A four-year degree in mathematics, computer technology, science, and graphics design, for […]