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Mechanical CADD

Courses in Mechanical Engineering

The objective of Essential courses is to help student master CAD skill, using relevant CAD software. Essential courses cover set of basic and advanced features of the chosen software in the shortest span of time – 40 hours.

Upon completion, students can use the software for CAD functions such as 3D modeling, FEM analysis, and so on.

Programs Available:

Standalone Courses

Diploma Course

Master Diploma Course

Student Projects

Software used - Solidworks
Software used - CATIA
Software used - Creo
Software used - CATIA
Software used - CATIA
Software used - Solidworks

List of Available Courses

Course Contents

  • Navigating AutoCAD Mechanical Interface
  • Structuring, reusing and editing mechanical data
  • Managing layers and object properties
  • Adding centerlines and holes
  • Creating key geometry
  • Annotating parts and subassemblies
  • Creation of templates and data
  • Placement of dimensions

Course Contents

  • Assembly Modeling
  • Mechanical Designing
  • Shape Designing
  • Analysis and Simulation
  • AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) PLANT
  • Machining
  • Digital Mockup
  • Machining Simulation
  • Ergonomics Design and Analysis

Course Contents

  • CAD Modeling and Animation – To develop 3D, animated movie of product design
  • Assembly Design – To design parts and assemble them
  • Sheet Metal Design – To design parts which are to be fabricated with sheet metal
  • Costing – To check the value of design against manufacturing cost
  • Product Data Management – To repurpose design data in a safe manner
  • Weldment Design – To model welded structures with standard structural members
  • Tolerance Analysis – To analyze the tolerance level of each part individually and of parts when functioning collectively
  • CAD Library – To turn up productivity by using CAD library
  • Interference Check – To check how all the parts fit among themselves and operate according to the requirement

Course Contents

  • Creo’s 2D solutions: Creo’s Sketch, Layout, and Schematics products allow users to quickly sketch ideas, diagram complex systems, and create detailed engineering concept drawings.
  • Creo’s 3D solutions: Creo’s Parametric, Direct, and Options Modular, lets users create 3D models by advanced CAD users as well as casual users.
  • Assembly: Creo’s assembly environment lets users to create and manage large assemblies with ease.
  • Visualization: Creo’s vizualization module helps engineers and designers visualize all product data available in any media formats.

Course Contents

  • Validate the performance of products from all the manufacturing units.
  • Simulate every structural aspect, including linear static analysis, of a single part of an elaborate assembly with hundreds of components interacting through contacts or relative motions.
  • Perform fluid flow analysis to know the impact of fluid flows on your product while manufacturing and in real-world applications.
  • Contribute to the success of products, product integrity, designing smart products, and reduced time-to-market.

Course Contents

  • Study of Fluid Flows
  • Introduction to CFD
  • Learning CFD Equations and Numerical Solution
  • Meshing
  • Geometry Creation in ICEM CFD
  • Turbulence Modeling
  • Learn boundary and cell conditions
  • Study solver mathematics and Post Processing
  • Design Optimization

Course Contents

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Shell, Hexa and Tetra Meshing
  • Assemblies: Welding and Swapping Parts
  • Shape Generation HyperMesh
  • Mesh quality parameters
  • Mesh editing and correctionv
  • Advanced meshing
  • Solver interfacing

Course Contents

  • Differences between ASME and ISO Standards
  • Practical problem solving with real-world examples
  • Gauging Methods and Implications
  • Explanation and Implication of using GD&T symbols
  • Basic and Advanced GD&T Training
  • Comprehensive Study-Material

Course Contents

  • Project Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Resource Management
  • Reporting
  • Tracking and updating project progress

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