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Natural Building Materials In Construction

Building materials are the materials used to construct any civil structure.
These materials used to construct several civil structures such as buildings, dams, skyscrapers and towers.
Buildings materials broadly classified into two main characteristics,
they are natural building materials and artificial building materials.
Natural Building Materials

Natural Building Materials

The building materials that are available naturally are known as natural building materials. Some of the common examples are mud, stone, sand,
wood, leaves, lime and fibres.

In the early stages of life, when people started to build the houses, mud was one of the first material they prefer. People used it, along with cow dung and chopped straw to build the walls. Still, this concept used in wall cladding and flooring of modern construction. The combination
of mud and cement provides excellent durability to the finishing surface.

It used in different components of building materials, such as walls, floors, foundations and roofs. Usually, it obtained from natural quarries and process to put into use. The stones commonly used today
granite, marble, sandstone and limestone.

Nature’s most abandon material, wood is one of the best
building material in all periods. The source of woods are Deodar,
Teak and Bamboo trees. Wood mainly used for the construction of windows, doors, ceiling and roofing.

With the help of leaves, people construct a temporary roof structure for houses. Palms, Palmyra and coconut trees are the sources of leaves
for construction.

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