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The next Industrial Revolution.

Continuous fiber 3d printing or CF 3d is the start of the next, industrial Revolution.
It combines all the advantages of composites with the 3d printing process.
The most common composite material that many of us are aware of is
carbon fiber and a dry fiber with resin it’s cure into hard carbon fiber

A 3d printing process being able to create something from the digital world to the physical world very quickly.
You can now use this type of technology for printing low-cost parts up to entire aircraft or buildings.
We certainly see a day where this technology used to print hyper-sonic aircraft fully embedded with all of the wiring and sensing required. Or morphing wings that take the aircraft and Optimize it for every stage of flight fully embedded with all of the sensing capabilities. Or a super-car fully customized to the user’s liking or wind energy bringing wind energy to the mass markets.
This technology is going to democratize composites into industries that aren’t even currently. That’s why this continuous fiber 3d printing is the start of the next Industrial Revolution.

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