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What Engineering Students Should Look For During This COVID19 Pandemic?

Many sectors in society have undergone profound changes during the Covid-19 pandemic, and engineering education is no exception. Closed Engineering colleges have turned to teach virtually, leaving the only option for engineering students to learn online. In this scenario, Engineering students have time to look for other activities that can be very useful to build career. Here are some of the things that engineering students should look for during this COVID-19 pandemic.


Offering assistance to a company can be a way to enhance your job search.
Volunteering offers you the chance to network with people in your industry, demonstrate your skills, and learn the basic of an organization. 

Consider the following ways to look for volunteering in the company.

Call, email or message every engineering company in your discipline. Write a letter asking volunteer by explaining your reasons for volunteering, expressing interest in a volunteer position, and explain how your skills can benefit the company. Knowing how to write a volunteer letter and what information to include could help you land volunteering at an organization you care. 


The second thing you can do is find a mentor.
There are a lot of engineers right now that might have a little extra time on their hands, and they may be willing to help someone like you, and may give you career advice and help you learn how to network.

Software Skills

Software is the ones responsible for developing, designing, testing, modifying and analyzing.   
Invest time in software learning leads you to better job prospects.

This way you want to be able to look back in a few months and say wow I use that time to the best of my ability and my career is paying off because of that. So, go ahead. 
Don’t waste time.
This things engineering students should look for during this COVID-19 pandemic.
Take Action, Volunteer and find a Mentor.

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