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3Ds Max

3Ds Max is a 3D computer graphics application.
3Ds Max is the best software for civil, interior and architecture projects.
Following are some key points that make 3ds max a leading software
in the civil construction industry.

3 Ds Max Interface.
In any 3D computer graphics application, the first thing is the interface.
The interface is where you view and work with your scene. The 3ds Max’s interface is intuitive and highly customizable.

This feature allows you to quickly switch between the different arrangements of panels, toolbars, menus, viewports, and other interface elements.

Menus Panel.
3ds Max offers two menu systems for the menu Panel: the Default menu and the Alt menu.
The Menus panel lets you customize the menus in 3ds Max. You can edit existing menus or create your own. You can customize menu labels, functionality, and layout.

In 3ds Max, you will be doing most of the work in viewports. Viewports are openings into the 3D space you work.
3ds Max provides different options to change the viewport
and the layout. Using multiple viewports can help you visualize the 3D model better.
You can change a viewport to various orthographic views.
3ds Max, there are three ways to create a viewports view: Perspective view, camera view, and light view.

3Ds Max Command Panel
The Command Panel is the nerve centre of 3ds Max. It comprises six panels that give you access to the modelling tools, animation features, display choices, and utilities.

Interaction Mode Preferences

The Interaction Mode panel of the Preferences dialogue box allows you to set the mouse and keyboard shortcut.
Ex. Pressing Spacebar maximizes the viewport that is beneath the mouse pointer.
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