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Autocad classes in Nagpur.

If you are looking for AutoCAD classes in Nagpur, you must understand
why AutoCAD is for civil engineers.

What is Autocad?
AutoCAD is a premium computer-aided software used for creating blueprints for bridges, buildings and much more.

Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Town planners and many other professionals used this software.

The software’s easy to use features enable Architects, civil engineers and designers to work smarter and faster.

It is highly suitable for documentation, drafting and mapping, civil projects.

Documentation in AutoCad .
Autocad is used to create detailed drafting documentation, 2D drawings saved in a dwg file.

Drafting and Mapping Civil Projects.
Autocad includes the tools and functionality for GIS mapping and drafting.

Advantage Of AutoCAD.

Integrating with the software makes it very robust to use.

Autocad saves a lot of time on geometry creation when files are, imported to Revit,staadpro or 3ds max.

Revit is BIM software for architecture and construction.

Autocad to STAAD.PRO
Staddpro is structural analysis software for civil engineers.

Autocad to 3DS MAX

3ds Max is 3D modelling and rendering software for design and visualization.

Across industries, professionals use Autocad to do the planning and execution of a project.

Autocad Software Uses.

Civil designers and drafters used this software for creating 2D and 3D computer drawings.

Projects related to civil, mechanical, electrical, and others, can be created using this software.

Software proposes excellent tools of 3D simulation and Illustrations,
for interior designers.

AutoCAD software training in Nagpur.

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