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CADD Quest 2021
We Pave The Way. You Land On Your Dream Job.
Up to 50% Scholarship on Sought After Courses.
CADD Quest is a scholarship initiative taken by the CADD Centre about two decades ago, with the ultimate aim to provide technical skills and make students industry-ready. Over the last 23 years, approximately 7 lakhs students have been benefited by this event, and the empowerment is continuing, and you can be the next one to gain from this great initiative.

Learning a CAD or Project Management (PM) course is always invaluable but it can sometimes become truly irresistible. Sample this: an advanced CAD/PM course of your choice with a 50% scholarship!

Bringing joy and goodwill to every discerning learner year after year is CADD Centre’s CADD Quest, annual scholarship exam.

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