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Catia Mechanical

CATIA is Computer-Aided Three Dimensional Interactive Application
by the French company Dassault Systemes.

It is the leader in the design market where it is utilized to simulate, analyze and manufacture products in numerous industries. It helps designers and creative thinkers to put their imagination at work and view the outcome in the form of a fully functional 3D model.

The software is a 3D product lifecycle management software, suite,
supports multiple product development, engineering, conceptualization design, and manufacturing facilities.

Its scope, reach various mechanical and aerospace industries, where designing for their parts is done mainly on this software.

It replaces manual design and drafting, saving hours with very user-friendly operations.

CATIA Drawing programs provide drawing tools with the ability to design.
Drawing programs are,
CAD (Computer-Aided Design)
CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing)
CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering)

CATIA consists of workbenches specialized in a specific design,

Sketcher workbench is for the implementation of two-dimensional shapes; in preparation for making three-dimensional commands on it.

Part Design:
The part Design workbench is for converting two-dimensional graphics to three-dimensional objects.

The Assembly workbench is for assembling the parts previously produced in Part Design.

In the drafting workbench, standard engineering drawings can be traded for the workshop for manufacturing or saved for documentation.

Surface and Wireframe:
In Surface and Wireframe workbench, the geometry surface of zero sizes and weight can be created and have its uses in the aerospace, automotive, ships and Mould Design

This workbench is for obtaining a similar movement like natural movement, which occurs during the actual operation of the machine or mechanical establishment.

which is a free drawing, product designers needs it, such as Mobile or furniture or antique designers.

Other workbenches are,
Sheet Metal, Mould Design, Welding, Aerospace Sheet Metal.