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Courses offered for Electrical CAD

Individual Software

AutoCAD Essential
AutoCAD Electrical
Revit MEP
Microsoft Office Project

Proficient Course

Deep learning course on AutoCAD Electrical specially designed for electrical engineers.

Diploma Course

Diploma in Electrical & MEP Design
(Deep learning combination course of AutoCAD Elecrical and Revit MEP.)


Electrical engineers design electrical equipment and electronic products – from microchips & computers to electric power networks – and any other products that process information and transmit energy. The primary task of Electrical Engineers is circuit designing or Schematic diagram.

Circuit designers have the responsibility of designing electronic circuits that make up electrical systems. The minimum educational requirement is a bachelor of science in engineering, some employers require a master’s in electrical engineering. Since circuit designs change frequently, this career requires a greater amount of continuing education to keep up with technology updates.

An Electrical CADD software can automate all design tasks and facilitate drafting productivity. Engineers can create electrical schematic, control circuit diagrams, and documentation using industry specific electrical softtool.

Job Opportunities

Students who have completed these basic CAD courses can apply for the jobs of Circuit Design Engineer / Electrical Designer / Control Engineer / Energy Transmission Engineer.

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