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ETABS is the software for civil, structural design and analysis.

Civil structures are a fundamental part of the growth of townships, roadways, railways, waterways, bridges, dams, tunnels, and many more.

The civil structure is an assembly of inter-dependent parts forming, a complex structure, that resists and transmits applied lateral and gravity loads, safely to the ground.

Etabs Workflow

There are five steps in ETABS workflow,
Assigning Properties

ETABS have different options of fast speed modelling using repeating a pattern, selecting different types of materials used, different types of applicable loads, running computerized analysis and checking the output to see if the design need correction.

A single user interface is offered in ETABS to perform Modeling, Design, Analysis, Detailing, and Reporting.
There is no limit to the number of model windows, data views, and model manipulation views.

Design of steel frames, concrete slabs, concrete frames, concrete shear walls, composite columns, composite beams, and steel joists can be performed based on international design codes.

ETABS offers numerous code-based design features, for a concrete frame, steel frame, aluminium frame, and cold form steel.

ETABS is a highly efficient analysis and design program developed especially for building systems.

ETABS, with an integrated system, can handle the largest and most complex building models and configurations.

ETABS classes in Nagpur aims to offer complete knowledge of the ETABS software and its applications.

The course at CADD CENTRE NAGPUR, Chhatrapati square, helps the students to acquire in-depth knowledge about the different procedures and simplified analysis aspects of the design models.

The certification from CADD centre Nagpur makes a candidate an expert who is ready to work in the civil design industry.

Having an ETABS certification from the CADD Centre Nagpur will help an individual stand out from the crowd.

Training under the guidance of the industry experts makes the candidates highly competitive for the job market.