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Reverse Engineering Tools For Achieving Desirable Outcomes?

Earlier the parts and equipment designed in the pre-CAD era caused problems in industries right from aerospace to power generation. Things that were designed without the benefit of CAD technology used to lack the critical documentation and information that was necessary for creating accurate models. Therefore, reverse engineering was essential in order to create CAD models needed by engineers and came into existence.

Reverse engineering is a technology that helped in creating a three-dimensional virtual model of an existing physical part. Manufacturers made use of reverse engineering to deconstruct product or system, evaluate, improve, or transform obsolete design information. However, now there are a number of optical measurement system available for engineers today that are the best alternative to previous methods. Have a look at the tools that are now mainly used for reverse engineering:

Handheld Scanner

Traditional methods such as creating 3D models based on hand measurement and 2D drawing are expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, it became crucial to use 3D scanning for reverse engineering. Handheld Scanners can digitize the 3-D surfaces and input relevant information into CAD systems. The tool is also famous to speed up the reverse engineering process.


Solidworks is the most acceptable tool across the globe and helps in streamlining the design process by refining the existing designs or creating a new one. It can help in the development of 3D models, export to the 3D printer for the development of a prototype, or create moulds.

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