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Solidworks Mechanical

SOLIDWORKS, developed by the SOLIDWORKS Corporation, USA, was acquired by Dassault Systemes, France, in 1997.
Dassault Systemes is the world-leading product life cycle management (PLM) software solutions company.

It is one of the fastest-growing solid modelling software.
SOLIDWORKS is the first CAD package to use the Microsoft Windows graphic user interface.
The drag and drop (DD) functionality of Windows makes this CAD package extremely easy to learn.

The Windows graphic user interface makes it possible for mechanical design engineers to innovate their ideas and implement them in the form of virtual prototypes or solid models, large assemblies, subassemblies, and detailing and drafting.

SOLIDWORKS is a parametric, feature-based solid modelling tool that unites the three-dimensional (3D) parametric features with two-dimensional (2D) tools and addresses every design-through-manufacturing need.
In SOLIDWORKS, you can generate the 2D drawing views of the components.
The drawing views that can be generated include detailed, orthographic, isometric, auxiliary, section views. You can use any predefined standard drawing document to generate the drawing views.

The bidirectional associative of software ensures that modification in the model is automatically reflected, in the drawing views.

Any modification in the dimensions in the drawing views automatically updates the model.

In addition to creating solid models, assembly features, and drawing views, SOLIDWORKS enables you to create complex sheet metal components using several tools.

All major modes of SOLIDWORKS are covered in CADD Centre Solidworks classes in Nagpur. These include the Part mode, the Assembly mode, and the Drawing mode.

Part Mode
The Part mode of SOLIDWORKS is a feature-based parametric environment in which you can create solid models.

Assembly Mode
In the Assembly mode, you can assemble components of the assembly with the help of the required tools.

Drawing Mode The Drawing mode is used for the documentation
of the parts or the assemblies created earlier in the form of drawing views.