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STAAD.PRO is the composition for structural analysis and design for Professionals.
STAAD is versatile user interface software with a powerful analysis engine and design tools.
The software used in civil structure design has made it necessary for the construction industry.

Brief History

STAAD-III was developed in 1980 by Research Engineers, Inc. (a division of netGuruInc), which was on a DOS platform. In the year 2005 REI, was acquired by Bentley Systems.

In December 2017, Bentley Systems has acquired S-Cube Futuretech software RCDC, which is an RCC Design, detailing, drawing and
documentation software.

Silent Features of STAAD Pro

For structural analysis, STAAD uses the matrix displacement method. In the matrix displacement method, the structure is, idealized into an assembly of discrete structural components.

STAAD analysis and design capabilities lie in the analysis engine, which processes the text input, performs the necessary static and dynamic calculations, and generates text output.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) is, used to create all input specifications and output reports and displays.

One notable feature of STAAD software is the editor mode. Using editor mode, a user may edit/ create the input file and have the GUI and the analysis engine reflect the changes.

The Basic solver in STAAD allows users to solve FEM analysis and physical modelling problems.

The Advanced solver is faster and can solve complex problems With the latest version of STAAD, STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition.

It’s ISM (Integrated Structural Modeller) has made structural interoperability with a BIM application and vice versa much easier.

STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition includes a new Ribbon-Based Graphical User Interface. Ribbon based interface replaces the traditional menu bar and toolbars.

Ribbons are the way to help users find, understand, and use commands efficiently, enabling quicker learning of the program.

STAAD also allows users to access its internal functions routines using an Application Program Interface (API) called OpenSTAAD and link the program’s input and output data to third-party applications. classes in Nagpur

Structural Design and Analysis is a unique course at CADD CENTRE Nagpur, focused on Civil Engineering Design. Students will gain the Skill & Knowledge about Structural Design and Analysis.